2013 Trojan Battery Trojan Battery 2013 Caliber Trailer 2014 E Z GO Valor Neighborhood Package 2010 E Z GO PDS 2015 E Z GO Valor
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Contact Dealer $1,155.00 $6,200.00 $2,550.00 $6,195.00
2015 new style body just came out from ezgo not the same look but better. gas 13 hp valor package . New body style Long top long top backseat package lights head and tail sharp sharp sharp...... $6,195.00 mag wheels finance me today for 1.9 percent with wac plaza golf cart sales demopolis,al 1334 216 2025 cell 1334 289 5891 shop
Stock #pl0516144353068800
Interior Colortan
Exterior Colorblack
VIN: 3068800
2015 EZGO VALOR PACKAGE GAS 13 hp Special editon. 3 in lift headlight taillights Black top and folddown rear seat This price includes top and backseat We do not charge a prep and clean up fee Ready to ride special $5950.00 This can be financed at 1.9 percent up to 36 months wac Contact. David McGee 334-216-2025. Email: plaze2005@yahoo.com
Stock #PL43500020
Engine13 HP GAS
Interior ColorBlack
Exterior ColorBlack
VIN: 2841294
$5,350.00 $4,900.00
Special. Buy 2015 ezgo Valor model Gas red or black color in stock 13 hp gas Factory 2 in lift Includes top Freight included 2 year warranty 5350.00 Finance me for 36 or 48 months 6 in stock Best price in America on a new unit Check us out. We sells hundreds of new units a year Free delivery within 60 mile of Demopolis Al Plaza golf carts Demopolis Al phone: 1-334-289-5891
Stock #Pl43041013
Engine13 hp. Engine
Exterior ColorRed or black in stock
VIN: 26400020
2015 new ezgo s4 48 volt ele. Factory lifted Long top Backseat folddown Fuel gauge Headlights Green in color 22/ 10/10 tires and wheels. Internet price. 7400.00 Finance me for 1.9. Percent for 36 months. No money down Sign and drive several colors in stock Contact plaza golf carts. 1334 289 5891 Check us out on facebook Plaza golf cart sales. David mcgee
Stock #Pl59041113
EngineElectric 48 volt
Exterior ColorGreen
VIN: 2845201
2015 ezgo s4 model lifted off road includes long top headlights taillights brake lights mag wheels backseat folddown seat on rear 13 h p gas engine brush guard on front gas gauge total package $7875.00 PLAZA GOLF CARTS DEMOPOLIS AL 1334 289 5891 shop call us we will deal contact david mcgee 1334 216 2025 finance this unit for 1.9 percent for 36 months
Stock #plez111213
Engine13 hp gas
Exterior Colorblack or whatever color you need
VIN: 3046348
2015 E-Z-GO S 4 gas factory lifted off road this unit holds up well great family ride comes with long top backseat folddown headlights taillights brake lights mag wheels gas gauge brush guard 13 hp engine factory new 2015 2 year warranty we keep all colors in stock best price in alabama special price no hidden fees $ 7736.00 ready to roll PLAZA GOLF CART SALES DEMOPOLIS ,AL 1334 289 5891 shop contact david mcged 1334 216 2025 cell finance for 1.9 for 36 months
Stock #plezs4111213
Engine13 hp gas
Exterior Colorred or black or whatever you want
VIN: 3048379
2014 EZGO RXV 48 volt ac drive system Black in color 12 in mag wheels Freedom package headlights and taillights Horn Charge gauge Charger included Special 6800.00 PLAZA GOLF CART SALES DEMOPOLIS, AL 1334 289 5891 shop 1334 216 2025 david cell 1.9 financing with wac credit
Stock #P560707145347758
Exterior ColorBlack
VIN: 5347758
2009. Silver standard rebuilt Same as new but half price CLUB CAR 48 volt electric Rebuilt unit like new New body new under body White in color Two tone seats Windshield Full light package Turn signals stop lights 4 way flashers Headlights taillights. New batteries 1 year warranty on all re con units. This has been checked front to rear Ready to play You will like this one 3895.00 Bring your old cart and lets work a deal Finance me for 6.95 percent Plaza golf carts Demopolis,al 1334 289 5891
Stock #Pl264050713
Exterior ColorWhite
VIN: PQ0931046
2014 ezgo txt new style body 48 volt system Full light package Almond color Long top and folddown rear seat New unit Nice 6900.00 1.9 finance for 36 months Plaza golf carts 1334 289 5891
Stock #P 550721143058666
Engine48 volt system
Exterior ColorGold
VIN: 3058666
2014 ezgo txt 48 volt electric Freedom package Long top and folddown backseat Full light package Charge guage Horn Charger includer Several colors in stock Finance for 1.9 for 36 months With wac. Plaza golf carts 1334 289 5891
Stock #P550714143058601
Engine48 volt electric
Exterior ColorGreen
VIN: 3058601
Stock #Factorybuilt
Engine36 volt pds system
Exterior ColorGold or blue in stock
VIN: 61513
2010 ezgo like new 36 volt pds electric Great shape grade 9 like new Bag cover. Windshield Ball washers You can not go wrong with this unit. 70 to pick from Just came in . 2550.00. We need trade ins push pull them on in. Your old cart worth. 500.00 up Can finance this unit for 1.9 percent for 36 months Contact. David or george at Plaza golf cart sales. Demopolis,al 1334 289 5891 shop
Stock #Pl155051813
Engine36 volt pds electric
Exterior ColorWhite
VIN: PL0501513
2014 E-Z-GO. New Valor gas 13 hp Neighborhood package Backseat fold-down seat Mag wheels 5 panel mirror Headlights taillights Turn signals 4 way flasher Finance me for 1.9 for 36 months Plaza golf carts Demopolis, AL 1334 289 5891
Stock #Pl000030417
EngineGas 13 hp
Exterior ColorBlack
2014 ezgo valor gas Neighborhood package Long top Backseat folddown Mag wheels Headlights taillights Horn Windshield Folddown 13 hp gas. Just got another truck load of these Got black or red in stock now. Finance me for 1.9 percent for 36 months payments Finance me for. 4.9 percent for 48 months
Stock #Pl50041313
Engine13 hp gas
Exterior ColorRed or black. Or whatever color
VIN: 2841539
Stock #PL00000000
2011 ezgo 48 volt nice cart Nice like new 48 volt system Cart is grade 9 super nice with charger. $3700.00 You won't be sorry unless you don't buy from Plaza Don't buy a junkie cart Plaza Golf Carts. 1.9 finance rate for 36 months 4.9 finance rate for 48 months Rates staring at $77.00 per month. Wac
Stock #PL22000211
Engine48 Volt System
Interior ColorTan
Exterior ColorWhite
VIN: 2708321
Stock #PL3450129
Interior ColorOrange
Exterior ColorOrange
VIN: PQ0634-666900
Stock #pl345091213
Engine48 volt electric
VIN: PQO834948070
2009 rebuillt new evertyhing 48 volt system electric Lifted 22/11/10 tires Black body Headlights taillights Turn signals stop lights New trojan batteries 875 models heavy duty Cargo box on rear Windshield folddown Two tone black seats. Nice setup. Get ready to play or work. 4950.00 Charger included. Always. No hidden fees 4950.00 Plaza golf carts. Demopolis,al
Stock #Pl0521013355
Engine48 volt iq system
Exterior ColorBlack
VIN: PQO945550
REBUILT CLUB CAR. Includes Lift kit Off road tires New body New two tone seats. Front and rear Headlights taillights Horn New trojan batteries 48 volt system Charger included 1 year warranty Come look and lets. Trade Buy your old cart in and get a new cart Plaza golf carts Demopolis,al 334 289 5891. Contact david mcgee Like us on facebook
Stock #Pl32350624013
VIN: 062213
REBUILT CLUB CAR LIFTED. OFFROAD black body Custom seats Lift kit. Tires 22/10/10 tires Back seat New batteries Headlights taillights Horn New batteries trojan Charger included 1 year warranty 6100.00 Plaza golf carts Demopolis,al 334 289 5891
Stock #Pl3235pl062113
Engine48 volt electric
Exterior ColorBlack
VIN: 697157
2014 Yamaha Security Vehicle with full cab stobe light weather proof fuel injection gas sliding doors turn signals and brake lights . 2014 model special deal 9700.00 PLAZA GOLF CARTS DEMOPOLIS,Al 1334 289 5891 this unit is in stock in our TUSCALOOSA ,Al location 105 skyland blvd. 1205 248 2783 call ricky
Stock #Yamaha
Enginegas fuel injection
Exterior Colorblack and white
VIN: 31313
Stock #4256
Interior ColorCream
Exterior ColorGreen
VIN: JC0-404256
2014 Yamaha Adventure Sport 2 2 gas fuel injection This is ready to ship now we got them in stock. 10 of these to pick from. Something new yamaha just came out with. Special offer 7480.00 Factory lifted Backseat Longtop Lights front and rear Brush guard Fuel injection This is a new yamaha product been in research for 2 years should be good !!!!!! Contact plaza golf carts. Be the first to get one David mcgee. 1334 216 2025 cell PLAZA GOLF CARTS DEMOPOLIS ,AL 1334 216 2025 main location over 500 carts in stock
Stock #Pl051013
EngineGas fuel injection
2014 Yamaha gas silver in color marron in color black in black ready to roll play golf today ............. $5700.00 special push pull or drag we need trade ins. good till march 15 2014 bring in your old cart and take 1000.00 off the price running or not Plaza golf carts demopolis, al 1334 289 5891 Or Tuscaloosa lot 105 skyland blvd 12205 248 2783 call ricky
Stock #jw8405140
Exterior Colorsilver
VIN: JW8405140
2014 YAMAHA GAS standard ready to play golf special price $5700.00 special push pull or drag 1000.00 off with any trade in good till march 15 2014 running or not we need trade ins PLAZA GOLF CARTS DEMOPOLIS ,AL 1334 289 5891 OR TUSCALOOSA ,AL 1205 248 2783 call ricky
Stock #jw8406156
Exterior Colorblack
VIN: JW8406156
2014 YAMAHA SPORT GAS cargo box manual dump gas fuel injection lifted off road tires lights head and taillights gas gauge and hour meter Special price $7480.00 1000.00 off any yamaha till march 15 push pull or drag 1000.00 off any yamaha in stock with trade in . any model any condition running or not PLAZA GOLF CARTS demopolis,al 1334 289 5891 or TUSCALOOSA AL 105 skyland blvd 1205 248 2783 call ricky
Stock #jw8600384
Exterior Colortanzanite
VIN: JW8600384
2014 YAMAHA lifted adventure sport 2 2 gas lifted off road wheels or street tires lights head and tail lights long top folddown seat yamaha brand gas fuel injection best gas engine on market cart includes fuel gauge and hour meter $7950.00 special all yamaha are on special 1000.00 off with any golf cart trade in does not matter if run or not . we need your old carts special good till march 15 2014 PLAZA GOLF CART SALES DEMOPOLIS, Al 1334 289 5891 or TUSCALOOSA ,Al location on 105 skyland blvd 1205 248 2783 call ricky
Stock #jco501987
Enginegas fuel injection
VIN: JCO501987
2008 Club Car Villager 4 electric. Nice unit. Long top. Back seat. Villager backseats do not fold down Headlights. Heavy spring on rear. Charger gauge. Runs about 18 mph. 5 in stock to pick from. These won't last long. These are real nice carts for half the price of a new cart $3400.00 Plaza golf carts. Contact. David McGee. Cell. Number 334-216-2025 Let's deal - Over 500 carts in stock. If you see the cart you want, let's make a deal on it. We will trade on any thing that you want to trade-in.
Stock #PL1900208
EngineElectric 48 Volt
Interior ColorBeige
Exterior ColorGreen
VIN: PQ0835-950804
Beast H D is the same as the standard Beast. but it has 190 min. batteries the longest range in the acid filled batteries and has crownt T 890 batteries . Indepentent suspension on front end smoother ride delta q charger on board 20 to 25 mile range 500 amp all trac controller high output motor beast motor 2 ga cables lift kit off road tires camo body custom suite seats high back headlights taillights rear hitch front hitch front rack brush guard dome light under seat storage tray backseat folddown with side trays black top charge gauge to many features to list. come look and ride at Plaza golf cart sales Demopolis,al 1334 289 5891 or call david mcgee 1334 216 2025 if you cant make demopolis location Go see ricky at our tuscaloosa,al location 105 skyland blvd. 1205 248 2783 ricky special price 8400.00
Stock #12171368
Fuel48 volt
Exterior Colorcamo
VIN: 9282014
$8,575.00 $7,695.00
2014 Yamaha Concierge EFI 4 passenger maroon with long top Best Price on the Internet $8575 discount
Stock #1426
Interior ColorGrey
Exterior ColorMaroon
VIN: JCO 401426
$8,475.00 $7,695.00
2014 Yamaha Concierge 4 passenger gas EFI White with long top best price on internet $8475 Discounted
Stock #1539
Interior ColorGrey
Exterior ColorWhite
VIN: JCO401539
2014 yamaha adventurer sport with cargo. Box Factory lifted Top assy Cargo box Head and taillights Brush guard Fuel injection gas engine Nice unit. 6650.00
Stock #Pl00000
EngineFuel injection
2013 street legal. Unit Can be tagged legally Come with title for tagging Can run on any street with 35 mph or less This unit is 48 volt system Runs 25 mph. Has headlights taillights Turn signals and 4 way flashers Horn Brake lights Windshield Wipers Red in color. Or can order any color you want. Takes about 2 weeks if we special order a color not in stock Backseat. Seat belts front and rear 3 in. Lift kit 22/10/10 tires. Street legal tires Charger included $6250.00 Cheap. For street legal. Roll tide. You will look good at the game We try to save you money ... $6250.00
Stock #Pl435031313
Engine48 volt
FuelElectric 48 volt
Interior ColorRed white
Exterior ColorRed
VIN: 2013
REBUILT CLUB CAR LIFTED INCLUDES lift kit Off road tires New body black Camo seats Backseat Folddown rear seat Headlights taillights Horn New batteries. Trojans Charger included Special. Price. 5795.00 Plaza golf carts. Demopolis,al 334 289 5891 Contact. David mcgee
Stock #Pl3235062213
Engine48 volt electric
Exterior ColorBlack
VIN: 697801202213
$4,595.00 $3,850.00
2008 club car rebuilt like new Lift kit 22/10/10 tires and wheels Backseat folds into flat deck 48 volt system Nice ride Comes with charger Several colors in stock Contact PLAZA GOLF CARTS 1334 289 5891
Stock #Pl28532113
Engine48 volt ele.
VIN: PH0841970763
2008 club car villager 4 Rear seat Long top Headlights Can paint any color you want But this one is pink Comes with charger 3400.00
Stock #Plcust041713
Engine48 volt system
Exterior ColorPink
VIN: PQO830932381
2013 CLUB CAR LIFTED 4. Forward All passenger face forward Cargo box on rear with flip up cover 48 volt system New batteries Long top Storage under 2nd seat Headlights taillights. Special price. 7900.00 Charger included Everything in price no extra add on s. Plaza Golf Carts Demopolis, Al
Stock #Plcustom4
Engine48 volt
Interior ColorBlack
Exterior ColorBlack
VIN: 2013042213
2009 Cub Car Precedent. With fold down back seat nice unit Beige color $3800.00 Plaza Golf Carts. Demopolis, Al Contact David McGee 334-216-2025 send text or send email to plaze2005@yahoo.com
Stock #PL24302061
Engine48 Volt System Electric
Interior ColorBeige
Exterior ColorBeige
VIN: PQ09190233653
2014 yamaha fuel injection. Efi model Loaded with all the lighting package Turn signals Stop Loghts Horn Flasher Turn signals The. 2014 models are now standard with hour meter and gAs gauge included Come get you one Plaza golf carts. David mcgee
Stock #4229
Interior ColorCream
Exterior ColorBlue
VIN: JCO-404229
2014 Yamaha Drive EFI Fully Loaded. This cart is ready for golf villages. Cart has all the bells and whistles that can be added. Internet special price $6275.00 lowest on the market Comes with fuel guage and hour meter Several colors in stock. Loaded with fuel injection. All new yamahas. Come with hubcaps 4 year warranty. Best warranty in the golf market Ride a winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stock #4227
Interior ColorCream
Exterior ColorOrange
VIN: JCO-404227
2008 club car 48 volt electric Great shape white in color Bag cover on rear Coooler on right side Double sand bottles Windshield Charger 48 volt Over 70 of these in stock These carts look new was in storage for over a year indoors Look new Special price 1995.00 Or. 2 or more. 1895.00 Callfor truck loads. Contact david mcgee 1334 216 2025 Upgrade to new batteries for. 600.00 Two tone seats. 200.00
Stock #Pl050714
Engine48 volt electric
Interior ColorWhite
2008 CLUB CAR. pres. Model 48 volt Great shape This cart has new trojan 1275 plus batteries Two tone seats custom Black and white seats color Sand bottle dual Windshield Cooler 1 year warranty on cart 18 months on batteries Like new shape We need trade in s We give top dollar for your trade in Plaza golf cart sales Demopolis,al 1334 289 5891. Special. Price. 2800.00
Stock #Pl14050713
Engine48 volt electric
Exterior ColorWhite
VIN: PQ0831937800
CLUB CAR. 48 volt system Incluudes LIFT KIT 22/10/10 tires New body New backseat Folldown Two tone seats Headlights and taillights Windshield folddown New trojan batteries Cart has been checked. Out. Rebuilt from. Ground up 12 month warranty Charger includes Brush guard. On front Horn included 4995.00 Plaza golf carts. Demopolis,al. 1334 289 5891
Stock #Custombuilt062013345
Engine48 volt electric
Exterior ColorPeach
VIN: 697147
2013 YAMAHA FACTORY REBULIT 48 SYSTEM NEW EVERYTHING DONE BY YAMAHA FACTORY New batteries New body New seats New charger High speed code runs 19 mph 1 year warranty. This cart has mag wheels added to it Standard price 4100.00 with steel wheels This cart is upgraded to mag wheels 4300.00. In stock now. Several colors to pick from Call david mcgee for info. 1334 216. 2025 cell
Stock #Pl3102013
Engine48 volt system
Exterior ColorSilver/ marron/black / blue in stock
VIN: JW2005558
We ship carts all across america. 1 cart or truckload we wholesale to other dealers or any commerical use. Let us work a deal for you we will treat you right. Cart starting at 1200.00 dollars and up ezgo. Club car yamaha New or used Gas or electric. No hidden cost chargers and tops included on all Carts. If you are a golf course and need. Extra carts we do monthly leases Just wanted to let you know some of the things we do. Thanks. David mcgee Plaza golf carts. Demopolis,al 1334 289 5891.
Stock #Plaza
VIN: 061313
TROJAN BATTERIES. IN STOCK. 6 and 8 and 12 volt batteries 6 volt T-605. Set of six $595.00 8 volt T-875 Set of six $695.00 heavy duty 12 volt T-1275 Set of four $695.00 Best prices on golf cart batteries in Alabama $60.00 per set to install in your cart. Includes clean up and check out Takes about 1 hour to install Call to set up a time and we will have you in and out asap. Plaza Golf Cart Sales 334-289-5891 office. Demopolis, Al
Stock #Trojan Bat
VIN: 1275-875-605
Stock #PL100000
VIN: 000000
2008 yamaha 48 volt system. Electric New batteries Cart is in great shape 4 in stock. Posted 4 20 13 2400.00 Tax. 3.65. 87.60 Total. 2487.60. Out the door price
Stock #Yam042113pl17
Interior ColorWhite
New 2013 Yamaha 48 volt system Charger Top assy Sweater basket Automatic watering system Side cooler Windshield folddown Hubcaps Special. Price 4700.00 4 year warranty Great cart great price Best warranty in the business Plaza Golf Cart Sales Demopolis, Al
Stock #042113pl375
Engine48 volt
Exterior ColorGree
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